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Jennifer Cahlil

Jennifer Cahill

Marriage Celebrant

Wedding Celebrant - Jennifer Cahill

I am Jen, Macarthur’s Best Wedding Celebrant. I am as excited about life and celebrating the special events. I want you to enjoy your wedding day from start to finish!

It never ceases to amaze me the bond that is created when your couple choose you to be their celebrant!

My career choice has led me down a path where I meet the most amazing people who enrich my life as much as (I hope) I do theirs! Being the celebrant that is chosen is an honour that I don’t take lightly. And I won’t deny my utter joy and excitement I feel when I anticipate the day!

I am a warm, caring person and there is nothing I like better than to work with you to create the ceremony of your dreams.

  • Wedding,
  • Commitment Ceremony,
  • Vow Renewals,
  • Baby Namings,
  • Funeral Services and
  • other Life Celebrations

that needs to have that ‘something special’ ingredient.

I will take care of all the legalities and will work with you in preparing your day to make your dreams come true.

I am happy to meet you for an obligation free chat, please give me a call or contact me via email to arrange a time!

I look forward to meeting you!

Celebrate with Jen

The Process

I want you to enjoy your wedding day from start to finish!

Would you like a personal, friendly ceremony written for you – and delivered the way you want it?

No wedding is identical, and there is nothing I like better than to work with you to create the ceremony of your dreams

Celebrate With Jen ♥ Macarthur's Best Wedding Celebrant

Let's Meet

Prepare a list of questions that you might have, we can discuss your wish list. You can take sometime to chat after our meeting or book me there and then.

Celebrate With Jen ♥ Macarthur's Best Wedding Celebrant

In Between

I will look after all the paperwork and legal requirements. We’ll liaise with the draft ceremony and meet approximately 2 weeks prior to the ceremony for the signing of the declaration. I will guide you all the way.

Celebrate With Jen ♥ Macarthur's Best Wedding Celebrant

Your Perfect Day

Your ceremony will be exactly how you dreamt it will be. You can anticipate a day full of love, excitement and joy. Relax and enjoy your honeymoon, on return your marriage certificate will be in the mail.

Celebrate with Jen


Sharon & Wayne - Celebrate with Jen
Sharon & Wayne

Thank you so much Jenni, an amazing ceremony and such a memorable day

Sarah & Nathan - Celebrate with Jen
Nathan & Sara

We can't thank you enough, we loved our day xx

Sarh & Ben - Celebrate with Jen
Sarah & Ben

On the 1st of February we celebrated our 1st wedding anniversary, we couldnt thank you enough Jen for the special ceremony you had put together for us we still remember our day like it was yesterday.

Meleana & Dan - Celebrate with Jen
Meleana & Dan

With immense thanks for the perfect day

Celebrate with Jen - Chris & Courtney
Chris & Courtney

Thank you for a great day, we couldn't have asked for anything more. We loved it x

Todd & Danni - Celebrate with Jen
Todd & Danni

We hope you enjoy your basket of chocolates as a thank you for making our day so memorable.

Rebecca & Andrew

Thank you Jen, for being an integral part of our special day. You organised everything and the day was just perfect.

Vaine & Kandice

We can't thank you enough for such a beautifu ceremony. Your kindness and sincerity was felt by so many. We thank you for such a memorable day. xx

Kim & Cameron - Celebrate with Jen
Kim & Cameron

Jen, thankyou for the beautiful wedding you officiated for on Saturday September 12th. It was an amazing day, made all the better by having a celebrant that was so beautiful and amazing. We feel truly honoured that you could be a part of it.

Georgia & Michael

We had Jen as our celebrant for our Wedding, honestly she is the reason our wedding ceremony was so special. I cannot thank her enough!

Matt & Ashleigh

We simply wanted to say a huge thankyou for the amazing job you did in officiating our wedding and for being such a beautiful person. The words that were spoken on our wedding day are unforgettable and we couldn't have been happier to have you present.

Celebrate with Jen

Frequent Asked Questions


There are no silly questions, I want your day to be perfect. Email me, Ring me, Facebook me as many times as you like… Here are some very common questions that I’ve come across. If you don’t find what you are looking for please contact me.

  1. why would you choose me?

I have been told that I have a vibrant personality that rubs off on everybody! I go the extra mile to ensure your wedding day is organised, fun, and makes everybody have that (this was perfect) feeling!

No matter what size your venue or guest list is, I want everybody to feel (as I do) involved and privileged to be a witness to such an intimate event!

  1. What would I do to make your day special?

I look upon all the requests that are made to me by my couples as opportunities to either increase my own knowledge in helping them achieve their dream, whether it is speaking some words in another language (with your help of course) or different cultural traditions. Or well practiced rituals that my experience can bring to to their knowledge. I also have business contacts for specialized additions to your ceremony e.g. doves, candles, sand, literally everything you can think of – I can source for you!

  1. Can you lodge the marriage certificate from BDM?

Yes! as part of my service, I am happy to mail your application with my paperwork after your marriage. This negates the need to supply further ID, I also lodge your Notice of Intent on the emarriages website and once it’s completed I am given a registration number that will help you follow up in case there are any issues.

  1. Do we have to memorise our vows?

No! Almost nobody does. If you just relax and enjoy the ceremony, without having to worry about what you have to say, I will take care of everything. You can repeat them after me. Easy!

  1. Can we write our own vows?

Of course! And if you need a little help, getting them right, just ask. That’s what you have me for!

  1. Do we have to?

No! You should see all the options I have available. Writing the perfect ceremony for you couldn’t be easier. Just watch things bounce off the page, when they feel good to you.

  1. How long will the ceremony go for?

I always ask that you budget for about 30 minutes, from the time we first see a bridesmaid on her way down the aisle, until the time the happy Mr & Mrs are making their exit down the aisle. Most ceremonies will fit perfectly into that time frame.

  1. I thought a celebrant only cost $300?

Some of them do. Some of them cost $1000. I’m in the middle. I’m also the least expensive – and most important – part of your wedding day.

  1. Should I be late?

No. Think of your guests. Treat them with respect. Think of your groom – he’s waiting for you. Think of your schedule for the day. You’ll probably run out of time for your photos, if you are late. If you are worried about guests arriving late, invite them for 15 minutes, before you plan to arrive. No more than 15 minutes. If you are later than 15 minutes, it will incur a charge of $20 per 15 minutes.

  1. What about music?

You give me your music choices and I will download them onto a USB and ensure that everything works on our equipment.

  1. But what music do I choose?

Pick something you love – your favourite song is always a good choice. Something that will relax you, and make you smile. That’s your best choice.

If you are having trouble deciding what to play, talk to me and I can send you suggested songs.

  1. Will you bring the readings for the ceremony?

Yes! Always. I have a white presentation folder and a wrought iron podium for it to rest on. (this also makes it easier for your readers to hold the microphone (cordless) and I will have a printed copy of the ceremony in large print with the readings highlighted in red.

  1. Do we really need a back-up plan?

Yes! You really do. We all hope that your day is shiny and bright blue – but you never know…. It is worth spending a little extra, or making arrangements with your reception venue, for just in case.

  1. And what if it’s super hot?

Shade! We need shade! And water – for everyone. It costs very, very little to fill a couple eskies with water bottles – and there is always a couple of friends willing to help – but this small gesture will make all the difference to your guests’ comfort on the Big Day.

  1. We aren’t really very traditional….

You don’t have to have a formal, traditional ceremony, at all. You can be light and friendly and casual, or funny, or elegant and simple – or anything you like. No need to pretend you are anything that you aren’t…..

  1. Do we really need a rehearsal?

It is nice to have a rehearsal, if only to ease the bridesmaids nerves and time the musical procession, but if it’s not possible, or you don’t have time, don’t worry, I will be there in plenty of time to sort everything – and everyone – out, before the ceremony, and I will speak to you about what’s happening prior to the day so any instructions can be passed on.

  1. Can you bring a signing table & chair?

Yes. I can, usually if you are having the ceremony at a venue, they will supply this, or if you are having decorators they also include it in the package. If you are having the ceremony in a park or on a beach then I have a gorgeous table and chairs for you to use!

  1. Our parents don’t speak English!

No worries. More than half of my gorgeous couples are just like you . I am more than happy to work with you to ensure your parents, guests and grandparents feel more welcome. I’ll practice just about any language you give me – so long as you give it to me in phonetics and coach me a little.

  1. You married our friends….

Excellent! I’m happy that the impression I left prompted you to contact me.

  1. It’s only a little wedding…..

Big or small, it’s your wedding day, so let’s make it as beautiful as we possibly can. Some of the most wonderful weddings I have been a part of have been 12 people or less.

  1. Do you do more than one wedding a day?

No, never.

If you still have questions, contact me….

Celebrate with Jen

Professional Bubbly Warm Macarthur Based Marriage Celebrant